Arts of Aikido

Tai-Jitsu – Body Art
Tai-Jitsu refers to the training of body (tai) techniques (jutsu). In this art the student learns to control the energy of his partner and immobilize him through mainly spiral motions. Students develop great physical and mental power through daily practice. Body Art is also the art of surviving the technique (Ukemi), through learning to condition one’s body.

Ken/Bokken - sword/wooden sword
In Aikido many movements come from the sword. Morihei Ueshiba was using and teaching a lot of sword work to his disciples. He called this art ‚Aiki-ken’. In our Dojo students of the art of Aikido learn basic Suburi first. Awase and Kumitachi are also taught to them later on.

Jo – staff
The jo was also adapted by Morihei Ueshiba to teach the principles of aikido. His use of this weapon is called ‚Aiki-jo’. Aiki-jo techniques consist of circular and spiral movements that blend with attacks and defences. In our Dojo students learn Suburi, Awase and Kumijo.

Tanto – Knife
Tanto, wooden knife. The Aikido students learn to disarm the attacker applying body art techniques. They learn to defend themselves effectively against knife attacks.